The Stella Amp!

UPDATE: Several companies that make parts that I use for the Stella Amp all decided to discontinue making those parts at the same time! Also, four different companies stopped making their opamps in through hole packages. So in the space of six months I lost my first choice op-amp, my alternate op-amp, and hell, all the way down to my sixth or seventh choice op amp. I have tried out over 25 different op amps since then and I don't like any of them in this circuit. (Stella is picky about the company she keeps!)

The long and short of it is I need to do some extensive redesign to bring the Stella Amp back. No word on when I will have time to get that done.

The Stella Amp is an open source portable battery powered guitar amplifier! Perfect for making your own mini-practice amp, cigar box amplifier, headphone amplifier, or any other kind of battery powered amplifier you can think of.


  • Great clean tone; sounds good at low volume levels
  • Versatile controls, with Gain, Trim, and Level pots
  • Works with a wide range of supply voltages (from 3-12 volts; up to 16 volts if you replace the opamp)
  • 1-2 watt amplifier, depending on supply voltage and output speaker (no heatsink necessary!)
  • Extra "Hacks" output! Turn the Stella amp into a stompbox, add headphones, a line output, or whatever strikes your fancy
  • Small foot print will fit in nearly any enclosure
  • 100 percent Open Source Hardware

The kit comes with everything you see in the photo. (Not pictured: the Stella Amp kit now comes with 2 feet of red and black hook up wire!)

Speaker, enclosure, power supply, and knobs for the pots are not included with the kit, although you can pick up a battery pack and knobs from our online store!

More information (including video!) available on the product documentation page.