Who am I?

Big electronics nerd. Photography nut. Fully on board with Team Kindness and Empathy.
This is my little HTML canvas I'm playing around with (mouse over it or tap it on mobile to change color):


Let's observe a moment of silence in honor of the <blink> tag being removed from browsers recently.

Stuff I am making:

An 8-bit voltage controlled digital oscillator (VCDO) (Includes a Youtube video with sound samples and stacked oscillators)
An 8-bit voltage controlled LFO module
An analog synthesizer tutorial for absolute beginners, explaining basic concepts in simple language

Stuff I have made:

The Stella Amp: a portable, battery powered 1 watt amplifier
The Solar Stella: using the sun to make music

Jenga blocking a tremelo: making guitars better by hacking them with puzzle toys
Computer monitor contact prints: who needs an enlarger when you've got a monitor?
Do-It-Yourself Macro Lenses: My book on how to make your own macro lenses

The Crazy But Able Guide to LEDs: An artists guide to using LEDs in interactive and non-interactive artwork


A very old photo of me when I had more hair

self portrait