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Submitted by ryugreen on Thu, 06/07/2012 - 18:06

Finished my build. I installed a power switch and put the LED in the case. I had no choice on that really as I damaged the LED holes in the PCB and had to relocate it anyway.

I ended up wiring in the loop after the switch. I used a LED with a build in resistor so that seemed to work. Looks nice and bright.

So far, I've found it very useable for electric guitar. Clean tone is not quite as loud as I hoped, but it has a ton of crunch when you turn it up. Very fun.

WHere the amp really shined for me was when I plugged in my korg synth. It's a batter poweredc portable synth, and combining the two gives me a great portability for an electronic instrument. It has plenty of volume and with the 6.5" two way i used, lots of bass and mids to help out with the range of the synth. Very impressed.

I've also used it to amplify my mp3 player. Think itll be great to bring along on camping trips and have some quiet music to enjoy. Or for the front porch. For a picnic. For any old where.

And the thing just seems to sip batteries. I've had the same four AA's in there for three days now.

I think next I wanna make the solar stella. Or convert this one. Anybody else built that yet?


Trying to post a few pics but its a linked fb account so that may not work. Lemme know and I'll try to do a flickr account or something.

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Fri, 06/08/2012 - 07:31

Wow, that's a great build!

If you want to increase your clean tone volume range, turn the trim pot all the way up, gain all the way down. Move the level pot to be about halfway, and give it a strum. At that point, it really depends on the output level of your pickups what to do next. If your pickups are quiet enough, crank the level pot all the way up and then just adjust the volume with the gain pot. If your pickups are high output, adjust the volume with the level pot. Experiment with that.

With an MP3 player, I usually leave the gain all the way down, trim all the way up, and adjust the volume with the level pot.

Thanks for the pics! What cigar box did you use?