Minneapolis/St. Paul Mini Maker Faire 2017!

By John, 10 July, 2017

Last month I participated in the Minneapolis St. Paul Mini Maker Faire! This was my third year exhibiting. (I have to dig through the archives to find pictures of my previous years exhibits and post those at some point).

This year, after the faire was over, I remembered to do a little video that demonstrated my "analog" synthesizer. Here it is:

I say it's "analog" because I use microcontrollers to emulate analog synthesizer components. The 8 bit VCO/VCA uses an 8 bit micro controller, but it takes in real analog voltages and outputs an audio waveform, effectively compressing a full VCO and VCA into a tiny little board. [2019 Edit: I've since learned the right term for this is VCDO: voltage controlled digital oscillator]

I'm working on these as products, and I would love to hear your thoughts during the development process. Write me a comment below with any questions you want answered or ideas you have.