The Stella Amp!

The Stella Amp is an open source portable battery powered guitar amplifier! Perfect for making your own mini-practice amp, cigar box amplifier, headphone amplifier, or any other kind of battery powered amplifier you can think of.


  • Great clean tone; sounds good at low volume levels
  • Versatile controls, with Gain, Trim, and Level pots
  • Works with a wide range of supply voltages (from 3-12 volts; up to 16 volts if you replace the opamp)
  • 1-2 watt amplifier, depending on supply voltage and output speaker (no heatsink necessary!)
  • Extra "Hacks" output! Turn the Stella amp into a stompbox, add headphones, a line output, or whatever strikes your fancy
  • Small foot print will fit in nearly any enclosure
  • 100 percent Open Source Hardware

The kit comes with everything you see in the photo. (Not pictured: the Stella Amp kit now comes with 2 feet of red and black hook up wire!)

Speaker, enclosure, power supply, and knobs for the pots are not included with the kit, although you can pick up a battery pack and knobs from our online store!

More information (including video!) available on the product documentation page.

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