If you are having a problem with your order, if it arrived damaged or otherwise incomplete, please e-mail me: crazybutable at gmail dot com.

If you have a question about the Stella amp, or if you are having a problem with putting together your kit, please post in the forums! There's a bunch of people who already got this kit, put it together, and who may be able to help you. If you e-mail me any kit troubleshooting questions I'm going to ask you to post in the forums anyway and it will take longer to get an answer.

I try to ship orders and answer support questions the evening they are received. I have a day job in a recording studio and I am unable to handle support or ship during normal business hours. I also have three kids and sometimes things come up, so please allow for 3-5 days for shipping. 95 percent of the time your order will be in the mailbox the next day. The other 5 percent of the time, please allow for 3-5 days for shipping. :)


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